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1. 1956 - Club Formation

The attached news extract indicates the club's formation via the contrived name change in July 1956 from Long Eaton Town to Long Eaton United.

Financial problems, lack of support (though crowds close to 1,000 were not unusual) and other issues resulted in the re-vamping of the struggling Long Eaton Town club. However, the main change was to move the club from being run by a group of Directors to being run by a Committee.

A change of colours was one of the few outward signs of change and most of the original committee members, the same manager and predominantly the same players emerged to start the 1956-57 season in the Central Alliance Division One South with new vigour.

Whatever the true motives, it seemed to work and 'United' finished the season in second place. Easily the best placed postition by the town's main club since before the war years.